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Link building: First and Basic step for SEO

Well link building is basis step in SEO, and is most important step in SEO. Link building hold its importance despite of many changes in SEO techniques. Link building is most important aspect of Search Engine Optimization. Google probably gives a lot of importance to these links, which you get from other websites. So link building is probably among the factors of top priority, for Google, and hence for SEO……………………

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Link building: First and Basic step for SEO.

Social Media as traffic Genrator.

Social networking and social book marking websites are one of the, and probably best method through which you can get back link to your website. In the past most of the webmaster were very much concerned about the way Google is thinking about these social networking website, and how to get more out of these website. Now a days Social media optimization is very effective method for getting traffic for your website.

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Social Media as traffic Genrator.

Link building:Directory submission.

How to do Directory Submission.

Well it has been around 1 year for me to be in link building.The first thing that i had learn is how to do directory submission?And that’s why i am sharing this with you.

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Link building:Directory submission.